Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is the difference between Autism Speech and other Picture-to-Voice apps ?.

There are others Picture-to-Voice apps in the Android Market it is true, but there some specific features that makes special the design of Autism Speech. The basics rules of autism speech are:

- Time is an important resource

Some applications have an interface that needs that the user: record, take photos and make other things to make the app work properly as default. This is an additional work for the user that needs to think and search for the better images and sounds, which is a not trivial and some times very demanding task, especially in the case of autistic children.

The pictures as well as the pictures position on the screen, in Autism Speech app, were carefully selected according to the autistic children needs.

- The interface should be consistent and easy.

Change the interface every time the children needs the device to comunicate something will frustrate him

- Less is better

Autism speech give the possibility to the child to access many options with few touches

- A word is not a sentence

One of the most difficult things to understand by the autistic children is the verb concept. Autism speech gives them the basics of the use of verbs.

- Reinforcement using reward

Some apps only give the possibility of emiting a voice when an image is pushed. The Autism Speech app also does that, but also performe a third operation, which is to make a zoom of the image if the children  push the sequence verb-object. In this way the children learning is reinforced


Usually the autistic children do not have fine motricity. The scrolling of screens could be a very difficult challenge for they. Autism speech have a no-scrolling interface in order to make easier the pictures selection

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