Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Could be this the definitive solution for autism ?

Interesting discovery by Professors Peter Scheiffele and Kaspar Vogt at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel

Link: Neuronal Circuits In Autism Can Be Reversed

Meanwhile remember that the language and conductual therapies are the most succesfull methods for increasing the independence of  ASD children

Try the Autism Speech DiegoSays App with new updates.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before Autism Read and Write

We decided to add other elements to Autism Speech before releasing Autism Read and Write. Tomorrow we will include an option of "Learning Sets" to Autism Speech  app. 

 What are Learning sets ?. 

In the "Learning Sets" the objects are part of a setup for example, Livingroom, Bathroom or Kitchen. By pressing on this objects the child can hear and see the name of object. We'll also extend this option to allow including your own sets using pictures. If you have downloaded Autism Speech already then you only have to update the app to get the new updates. It is advisable to select the option of automatic update.

 Also you should know that we have uploaded new explanatory videos to youtube for Autism Speech Free and Pro.

Remember that if your language is not included in the TexttoSpeech of the android you could record the voices corresponding the pictures, change the text and the images also by accessing to the Images and Voices options of the Settings of the app. 

In order to use the recorded voices the option of "Recorded sound" corresponding to "Voices Sources" in General Settings of the app must be selected

Friday, August 3, 2012

New Update of Autism Speech

Teaching autistic children represents a very difficult task, the hyperactivity and the deficit of attention are common characteristics in their behavior.
In order to help the autistic children with high deficit of attention and hyperactivity , we included two new levels in the Autism Speech app. This two new levels are the Basic Level with only 4 basics options and the Middle Level with 8 options. 
The basic level was design to initiate the autistic children in the AutismSpeech app. It is simple, it only requiere to puch and image to comunicate their basic needs. 
The middle level is two give and idea of speaking in sentences to the child

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Autism Read & Write

Hello !!!, We are almost finishing an App for teaching  autistic children to read and write. The aim of this app is to increase the communication habilities of autistic children in combination with Autism Speech DiegoSays

Friday, June 1, 2012

Green Bubble Policy

Some of the policies of our developer group are:

 1.  Maintenance and Updating
 The Green Bubble Labs will continue releasing and updating the apps. Also, if have some problem or issue please let us know and you will receive inmediate reponse.

2. Zero ads policy
We will continue not including ads to our free applications. We want your children and you could test our applications without any frustrating propaganda appearing on your device before you could purchase any of the pros.

3.   New releases
We are planning other apps for helping autistic children. Please lets us know if have some features to be included in these apps

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is the difference between Autism Speech and other Picture-to-Voice apps ?.

There are others Picture-to-Voice apps in the Android Market it is true, but there some specific features that makes special the design of Autism Speech. The basics rules of autism speech are:

- Time is an important resource

Some applications have an interface that needs that the user: record, take photos and make other things to make the app work properly as default. This is an additional work for the user that needs to think and search for the better images and sounds, which is a not trivial and some times very demanding task, especially in the case of autistic children.

The pictures as well as the pictures position on the screen, in Autism Speech app, were carefully selected according to the autistic children needs.

- The interface should be consistent and easy.

Change the interface every time the children needs the device to comunicate something will frustrate him

- Less is better

Autism speech give the possibility to the child to access many options with few touches

- A word is not a sentence

One of the most difficult things to understand by the autistic children is the verb concept. Autism speech gives them the basics of the use of verbs.

- Reinforcement using reward

Some apps only give the possibility of emiting a voice when an image is pushed. The Autism Speech app also does that, but also performe a third operation, which is to make a zoom of the image if the children  push the sequence verb-object. In this way the children learning is reinforced


Usually the autistic children do not have fine motricity. The scrolling of screens could be a very difficult challenge for they. Autism speech have a no-scrolling interface in order to make easier the pictures selection

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some advices for the daily use of Autism Speech App

The non-verbal autistic children usually create his own way of obtaining what they want, for example if they want something to eat: they go to kitchen or they open the refrigerator and try to take it by their own or they take your hand and push it in the direction of the object that they want.
If they want to go somewhere then they try to escape from you and run to that place or they push you in that direction.  If they don't know how to explain what they want then they perform tantrums or self-injury behaviors.

Some autistic children develop this set routines and others in order to solve what they consider to be they basics needs. Then, they may think: why should I change ?.  You must to prove to your children that the use of the device with the Autism Speech application represent less effort and complications than using his methods. In order to do that, we will give you some advices:

1. Graduality and patience: You must begin by taking his hand and pressing in the options. For example if the family is going to dinner, you must take the device before he may know that is going to eat and press: I want - food.
 This process of helping him or her with your hand may take weeks or even a year depending on the progress of the children.

2. The children must love his device not hate it: In the first lessons try to use the device only for things that you know he love, for example for soft drink, fruits, go to the beach. After you see that he is not rejecting the device then you may pass to the other options.