Monday, May 7, 2012

Some advices for the daily use of Autism Speech App

The non-verbal autistic children usually create his own way of obtaining what they want, for example if they want something to eat: they go to kitchen or they open the refrigerator and try to take it by their own or they take your hand and push it in the direction of the object that they want.
If they want to go somewhere then they try to escape from you and run to that place or they push you in that direction.  If they don't know how to explain what they want then they perform tantrums or self-injury behaviors.

Some autistic children develop this set routines and others in order to solve what they consider to be they basics needs. Then, they may think: why should I change ?.  You must to prove to your children that the use of the device with the Autism Speech application represent less effort and complications than using his methods. In order to do that, we will give you some advices:

1. Graduality and patience: You must begin by taking his hand and pressing in the options. For example if the family is going to dinner, you must take the device before he may know that is going to eat and press: I want - food.
 This process of helping him or her with your hand may take weeks or even a year depending on the progress of the children.

2. The children must love his device not hate it: In the first lessons try to use the device only for things that you know he love, for example for soft drink, fruits, go to the beach. After you see that he is not rejecting the device then you may pass to the other options.

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